Saturday, October 29, 2011

I think therefore I am - From the Philosophy to the daily practice

I think therefore I am - perhaps one of the most well-known and famous philosophical saying.
Rene Descartes' ontological statement, was meant to express the most clear and distinguished truth - the fact that I think, means that I am. Even if all my perceptions or thoughts are not more than an illusion or imagination , even if I am only dreaming, I can be sure of one thing - I think. And if I think, therefore I exist, I am.

After this brief introduction, I would like to take this deep and profound statement, down to the "Earth" level - to our personal day by day life and specifically, see it as a crucial Business practice.
In our dynamic and changing world, as an individual or as a group,if you do not think you do not exist. If you do not re-invent yourself every day, you will be cease to be relevant sooner or later.
It is very clear when it comes to companies and businesses in general and those exist in the technology arena in particular. Technology and the business environment change every day by thinking and innovative people all over the world..
If you will not think, innovate and try to be different, sooner or later - you will not be there.

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